Almost ready for “follow ups” in Austria

We left the “original” radio-set, the piece of hardware, enabling the interfacing with “Tales Of Resilience” behind. Left it in Zimbabwe. Filled with all these great stories people told us while we have been traveling through the country. We left it with the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Accessible for all visitors.

Since there will be further occasions, exhibitions and such like to present “Tales of Resilience” as well as it is a project in progress, meaning there will be additional stories collected and integrated we knew from the very beginning of the project-start, that we have to build a second version.

Looking pretty much alike in shape, the “inside” used technology is substantially improved and pretty much ready to be integrated in the hardware – part.

Radio without a receiving unit

While some of us scanning through piles of background information Peter Kuthan from argezim handed out and mailed to us over the last months, others are trying to get the software running which can be seen as the “invisible” backbone of the interface (as in the final part which will be exhibited), still others are busy in assembling the parts of the project shaping user-interface.


Designed as an old-fashioned looking radio-set, without a receiving function though, the interface will enable an audience to switch manually through all narratives and anecdotes collected in a near future.