The Other & The Common

Often it is an individual experience – wrapped up as a story – which eventually allows the reception of a past, the comprehension of the present and the formulation of a future. Furthermore, or in fact precisely because of and through that – stories enable an insight into „The Other“. A view of the other life, the other culture, the other approach or mindset. Apart from “The Other,” stories let us see “The Common”, similar values, familiar desires and kindred visions. Through listening to them and trying to understand them – stories make us more tolerant in our dealing with cultural differences and multiple identities, they bring us closer to each other and place the commonalities above the separations.

Tales of Resilience is a collaborative storytelling project by Austrian and Zimbabwean artists in April / May 2014. The documented and narrated outcome of this collaboration between Time’s Up, Austria-Zimbabwe Friendship Association, Pamberi Trust, local artists and art institutions will be presented in the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, in the Book Cafe in Harare, at several festival in Austria as well as in this blog.

Tales of Resilience traces stories from people who travel and traveled between regions, cultures and continents. People who moved and move between their origins and other worlds. Tales of Resilience documents and shares their experiences, their adventures and their perceptions. The project archives what these people left behind them, what they have taken with them, what they collected and what they lost on their paths. Whether forced to move or by their own volition, whether for reasons of family, politics, religion or livelihood, the stories are tales of resilience, the ways that people react to their circumstances in so many ways.



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