ToR Exhibition Musikforum Viktring

It seems like an eternity, but it is only two months since we returned from our visit to Zimbabwe. The time between had taken us to many other places, both physically and mentally, but one the recordings of our interviews started playing, it dragged us back to where we had been a few weeks ago. The voices of our interviewees, the clapping and singing of the women’s lamentation and celebration songs, the background sounds of cows; it captured so many aspects of our visit.

The Tales of Resilience radio has been re-worked, new interviews that we made in the days in Harare, after the exhibition had been installed there, were added. A day of frantic re-programming, electronic fine-tuning, process refinement and then a leap into the car. We drove to Klagenfurt with Calvin Dondo, our collaborator, guest and friend from Harare, who was going to look after the photographic images that emerged from the Siachilaba workshop. Although the Austrian alps are high, it turns out that Calvin lives higher than the highest point we reached: Harare lies at 1500 meters, a cool outpost in the not so low hills of Zimbabwe.

The exhibition set up was relatively easy, the opening a simple process. The performance of Kunzwana #1 was an interesting development from their premier at the HAIP festival. Now the radio accompanies each evening of the festival, we hope that visitors are enjoying their Tales of Resilience.

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