Zimbabwean artists & musicians in Austria

While some of us have been still “Future Fabulating” in Portugal, others amongst us welcomed Calvin Dondo into our labs. As Calvin was in Brussels to launch his current book: Hodhii Zimbabwe, it was rather clear, to take this chance to see him again after spending time and doing work together in Siachilaba and Harare earlier in the year.
Calvin Dondo - Book-cover images: Hodhii Zimbabwe
Calvins arrival can be seen as the official (in terms of “getting public”) start of “Tales of Resilience” in Austria. Only days later we had the pleasure to host Hope Masike (vocals, mbira) Josh Meck (guitar, bass), Blessing ‘Bled’ Chimanga (drums) and Orthnell ‘Mangoma’ Moyo (percussion). The event was organised by the Empress Club in cooperation with ARGEzim. The highly impressive concert by these four musicians – right at the waterfront – got enriched through a short first “Austrian-Kunzwana#1 kick off“. Isabelle Duthoit (voice & clarinet), Franz Hautzinger (quarter tone) and Werner Puntigam (trombone, conch shell) joined and we had the chance of getting a first glimpse of what will be continued over the next weeks throughout Austria.

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