Tales of Resilience – Distribution in Austria about to start


Realizing that one and a half month have already passed since we are back form Zimbabwe seems just not right. Sometimes it feels a bit like as we just left Harare a day ago.. at other moments it feels way back in time…

Anyhow, in a few weeks we will have the chance to “go back” to Zimbabwe in a way. Whereby not in a geographical, us traveling, sense, though. No, it will be Zimbabwe coming to see, to visit us. It will be the “Austrian” part of the Kunzwana #1 project which is making this possible.

There has always been the plan, even a schedule, on “follow ups” in Europe. Now it’s about time. All Zimbabwean musicians participating in the Kunzwana #1 project are coming to perform (together with the Austrian/French part of them) in Austria. Performance places and dates can be found at the Kunzwana #1 project page.

Mostly we look forward seeing all these people again, refreshing our wonderful memories, rather likely even indulge in them… as well as we look forward to share and distribute all stories collected whilst being in Zimbabwe. Even those ones, recorded last minute in Harare, not being included in the exhibition there. It will be during the Musikforum Viktring Festival where we will share the stories for a longer period of time (8th-28th of July). Right after we have them presented them in our own laboratories on July, 6th. That very evening, Hope Masike and special guests, presented by The Empress Club, will perform in our lab as well!

Kunzwana #1 musicians include: Hope Masike / ZIM – vocals, mbira /// Isabelle Duthoit / FR – voice & clarinet /// Franz Hautzinger / AT – quarter tone /// Josh Meck  / ZIM – guitar, bass /// Werner Puntigam / AT – trombone, conch shell, visuals /// Blessing ‘Bled’ Chimanga / ZIM – drums /// Orthnell ‘Mangoma’ Moyo  / ZIM – percussion

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