Kunzwana #1 – first performance at HIFA

Tales of Resilience was developed in close collaboration with Kunzwana #1. A musical, trans-cultural collaboration of both musical storytelling and freely improvised music.

Seven people who met only three days ago, rehearsing for 2.5 days went on stage together for the first time tonight. It was a pleasure being part of this first result. Looking forward to more from this formation! They will perform again in the Book Cafe on Saturday night, the 3rd of May, then in South Africa next week and Austria in July.

Hope Masike / ZIM – vocals, mbira /// Isabelle Duthoit / FR – voice & clarinet /// Franz Hautzinger / AT – quarter tone /// Josh Meck  / ZIM – guitar, bass /// Werner Puntigam / AT – trombone, conch shell, visuals /// Blessing ‘Bled’ Chimanga / ZIM – drums /// Orthnell ‘Mangoma’ Moyo  / ZIM – percussion



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