Hour-long driving


It was supposed to be a short break to stretch our legs and get one of these lovely watermelons on our way from Bulawayo to Harare. As experienced many time since being here, people just start interacting, asking questions, being friendly in general.

This time (apart from getting the melon) we got introduced to Erhuardt Muchemwa, an artist living close to his tiny general store on the road. One of the sculptures he produces was hidden in his shop. MAybe he had been working on it minutes before. A beautiful assemblage of re-used found materials…unfortunately too big to fit in our luggage…

Something completely different: … only for those who will be ever in the position returning a rented car to the airport in Harare. Don’t even consider you will be able to just follow the signs. Make sure you either have a GPS placed in your car or remember searching for the Coca Cola plant, turn left just right in front of it and go till the next traffic light (it won’t work, though watch carefully in case it will be after dark) and turn right and you will find the airport, or at least the head office from the rental-company….

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