“Who is Zimbabwe and what is Zimbabwe”

“that’s all it is about for me.” // Cont Mhalanga


Cont Mhalanga

We just have come back from an interview with Cont Mhlanga, the founder of the Amakhosi Theatre Productions and some of his students. Cont, a play-writer, actor and director of the Amakoshi theater formed the Amakhosi Theatre in 1988 (even though it started off as a youth karate club in 1980). In 1995 Amakhosi established Zimbabwe’s first privately owned Cultural Centre located in the boundaries of the city Centre and the townships, now popularly known as Amakhosi Cultural Centre (ACC).

Even though we conjectured an interesting chat, the insight and level of information we gained through talking to Cont exceeded any expectation. We will start processing the recorded material right away and might post more citations on Zimbabweans history, contemporary politics as well as theater in general.

Some of Conts students telling us about their future visions:

Sisasenkosi Mpofu // Singobekuhle Ndbru // Ignatius Mulaya // Langelihle Nyathi // Bryan L. Banda // Gordon Taghrika Chimombe // Feofrey Ndaba


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