Busy with official meetings

Peter Kuthan, Werner Puntigam, Franz Hautzinger & Isabelle Duthoit arrived to Mlibizi yesterday evening. As scheduled by Basilwizi Trust we went to great and respect the deceased chief family of the Siachilaba community. A bit of a walk through the bush, the crossing of a river brought us to the homestead of them.

A proud and strong sister of the chief

Apart from being offered one of the most delicious watermelons in our lives, the late chief’s sister agreed on giving us an interview. She was the first person we met still remembering the dislocation from the Zambesi River to Siachilaba in the late 50’s last century. “Life was better there, though it became easier here.”

“These white people wanted to have a big water built, so they chased us out from our homesteads, we had to find another place to live, some of us stayed, they have been flooded.” Us asking, whether she would be still bitter with the white people she replied, that being angry with people, who don’t even remember you as a being, makes no sense.

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SIMONGA performance

Another adventures for European visitors was the SIMONGA group (a Tonga musician group) performing in the afternoon, taking place at the Baobab-tree behind the shops in Siachilaba. Difficult to explain the seen and heard, we hope there will be a chance to provide some audio and/or video files as soon as a better internet – connection allows.

More interviews and tales

Before we continued our collection of tales (today at some temporary fisher-camp in Mlibizi to find out about possible benefits from the flooding / dam – construction) we couldn’t help ourselves. We just had to see Sofia again, getting some sneakers to her and some new clothes. The beautiful, self-produced Tonga-baskets that we received in exchange will always embellish our flats back in our homes, but what will stay even more burnt in in our memories is her exiting her hut, after changing, and dancing for joy in her new shoes and outfit!

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