Another part of Binga district


Networking, collecting more tales and sight-seeing, all packed in a single day. We left early morning to Binga, the district capital – if we understand it right. First stop was the head office of Basilwizi Trust, the Zimbabwean co-organisation of “Tales of Resilience”, followed by enjoying the world of internet-connectivity, a bit of restocking, posting our “snail-mail” and visiting the hot-springs close to Binga.

Those hot springs contain, as many places here in the region, a magical anecdote. Somewhen, as it seems in the late 50ties last century to boys walked up the place, one of them disappearing into the tiny steaming aperture of the springs. Never being found in person, but seen often as a ghost helping to foresee the outcome of the harvest of the season. There seem to be still celebrations and donations given to him in certain times of the year.

Another memorable experience this day was doubtless an interview, taken with an old lady, on our way back to Mlibizi. We stopped at one of the public water-pumps, spread out the region and often several kilometers away from the homesteads of the living places of people. Busy places, in particular frequented by women of all ages. They fill up their 20 liter buckets and carry them, impressively balanced on their heads back to their distanced homesteads.

Through the great advantage of interpretation help by Luumuno Mudenda we have been able to visit a homestead close to the water pump, meeting and talking to Sofia – the old lady mentioned. Her memories of earlier days, her hands-on demonstration of her daily routine (grinding sorghum and millet for an example) gave as again great insight in the people’s lives and being here. Seeing the joy in her eyes when she was talking about her dancing in earlier years was touching, listening to her wishes for a near future, which included the simple wish of possessing a pair of sneakers, inheres the virtue to reconsider personal demands toward life in general…

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