Victoria Falls – did you knows

Here they are – the great and mighty Victoria Falls. In their full power, which is reached – as we learnt – exactly in April and May. Advantage seeing them while they are carrying the highest level of water is clearly their imposing vigor and force. What could count as a disadvantage is the fact, that the spraying of the falls during this period makes it rather impossible to take photographs which aren’t as blurred as the ones posted here – as well as the fact of leaving the sight soaked till your bare skin – despite rain coats.

And – we just can’t help ourselves – there have to be at least two “did you know”s about the falls mentioned:

A) During the peak season (as mentioned in April / May) the annual water consumption of New York City goes over the Victoria Falls in just 3.5 days.

B) The high water level gains 5.000 m3/second. Inconceivable amounts per hour… we tried to translate it into bathtubs … if I remember right there was a number we came up with… but my brain doesn’t recall it anymore. (guess this counts only as half of a “did you know”…)


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