RE/CALLING Siachilaba


ReCalling RE/Calling Siachilaba, that’s how Peter Kuthan calls his future undertakings within the Austria Zimbabwe Friendship Association (ARGEZIM).

Yesterday evening we had the pleasure at the Time’s Up labs to get an insight in what will be included in that, well, “activity package”. There are already a range of steps taken to accomplish plans for the next few months.

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“Tales Of Resilience” at Afropea Now!


Afropea Now - Booklet

An international festival, addressing social, cultural, historical and artistic interaction of African and European cultures in a global world regardless of national boundaries. Organised through Sandra Kramplhuber and held by Stadtwerkstatt.

Afropea Now 2014 © Andreea Sasaran Afropea Now 2014 © Andreea Sasaran

A truly outstanding and significant event Linz offers this autumn. Thoughtful and considerate, contemporary highly relevant as well as exhilarating and wicked in the type of contributions!

Still – there is one point of criticism (exclusively selfish spoken!) – namely the instant of time! Afropea Now! overlaps exactly with the set-up and exhibition dates of Lucid Peninsula at the Intimate Spaces Festival in Hainburg. Hence we won’t be able to attend.

Only the piece “Tales of Resilience” will be there…. What is certainly great in itself, nevertheless a real loss for us not being able to experience a great selection of movie-screenings, concerts, talks, workshops, etc.

Lets hope for the best: a next…

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ToR Exhibition Musikforum Viktring

It seems like an eternity, but it is only two months since we returned from our visit to Zimbabwe. The time between had taken us to many other places, both physically and mentally, but one the recordings of our interviews started playing, it dragged us back to where we had been a few weeks ago. The voices of our interviewees, the clapping and singing of the women’s lamentation and celebration songs, the background sounds of cows; it captured so many aspects of our visit. Continue reading

Tales of Resilience – Distribution in Austria about to start


Realizing that one and a half month have already passed since we are back form Zimbabwe seems just not right. Sometimes it feels a bit like as we just left Harare a day ago.. at other moments it feels way back in time…

Anyhow, in a few weeks we will have the chance to “go back” to Zimbabwe in a way. Whereby not in a geographical, us traveling, sense, though. No, it will be Zimbabwe coming to see, to visit us. It will be the “Austrian” part of the Kunzwana #1 project which is making this possible. Continue reading

Almost ready for “follow ups” in Austria

We left the “original” radio-set, the piece of hardware, enabling the interfacing with “Tales Of Resilience” behind. Left it in Zimbabwe. Filled with all these great stories people told us while we have been traveling through the country. We left it with the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Accessible for all visitors.

Since there will be further occasions, exhibitions and such like to present “Tales of Resilience” as well as it is a project in progress, meaning there will be additional stories collected and integrated we knew from the very beginning of the project-start, that we have to build a second version.

Looking pretty much alike in shape, the “inside” used technology is substantially improved and pretty much ready to be integrated in the hardware – part.

Official Opening Tales Of Resilience

After weeks of designing, building and programming, further weeks of travel, interviews, learning about Zimbabwean history and culture, about the Tonga, the Ndebeli, the Shona and the interrelations between them and the other 13 cultures existing in Zimbabwe, hearing stories about survival, the mundane, the spiritual and the practical, after all these new ideas and influences, we reach the crux of the matter: the opening.

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Everything between majestic and frightening

We did it on our second day in Zimbabwe – we just had to do it again on our second last day. Being good, proper tourists. And it was worthwhile. Seeing all these animals (most of us haven’t seen them before) in extensive national parks was just such an great experience! And – we had the chance to escape “city life” for a little while.

We can’t help ourselves, even if this is a “working-type” blog – we share a few of these impressive creatures with you!

Time to say Good Bye

On the road again

It’s time to leave the rural areas behind us and approach the urbanized ones. All three of us, individually, spent some time last night saying good by the calm- and mightiness of Kariba lake. All experiences, tales and anecdotes here left us with unforgettable impressions, a recorded collection of tales, songs, traditional performances and a tremendous lot of images (digitally as well as as virtually in our heads).

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Happy Birthday Luumuno

Luumuno Birthday

It is only through Luumuno’s great help in interpretation and communication that we are able to listen to all these tales and anecdotes in this part of the world – and it happens to be her birthday today! Happy Birthday to you!

Busy with official meetings

Peter Kuthan, Werner Puntigam, Franz Hautzinger & Isabelle Duthoit arrived to Mlibizi yesterday evening. As scheduled by Basilwizi Trust we went to great and respect the deceased chief family of the Siachilaba community. A bit of a walk through the bush, the crossing of a river brought us to the homestead of them.
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Another part of Binga district


Networking, collecting more tales and sight-seeing, all packed in a single day. We left early morning to Binga, the district capital – if we understand it right. First stop was the head office of Basilwizi Trust, the Zimbabwean co-organisation of “Tales of Resilience”, followed by enjoying the world of internet-connectivity, a bit of restocking, posting our “snail-mail” and visiting the hot-springs close to Binga.

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Continuing processing the interviews

Re-listening the interviews taken in the last days is doubtless more intense than taking them. The details, with them the strength of the statements, the tales and traditions get more and more clear while editing.

Other things happening today:

– we learnt (beside of so many other things) the water in the Kariba lake could supply greater London for 300 hundred years.
– we finally saw the hippos